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We all need a voice. I’m here to be that voice for you. It’s essential to know what you do well, and I know video marketing. For seven years B. Stellar productions has been successfully networking and collaborating with creative minds to build and reach your vision. With a humble focus on the value and importance of video marketing, we support companies that want to connect with their customers with the power of video. I’m an experienced producer, content strategist, and creative director. Utilizing my passion for video production and storytelling, I am here to help people expand their brands. We do that through authentic content that voices your mission and strengthens your connection with your customers. It has to be interesting. We get only one chance at a first impression and this is my specialty. We’re to here to create curiosity. influence. remembrance. B. Stellar Productions, bringing your story to life. Let’s do this.


Steve is the second hand of the dream that is B. Stellar Productions. With an extensive background in video marketing and video editing, he is an essential part of our workflow productivity and creative direction that video marketing requires. Steve serves as liaison between the films financiers and the producers on the team who run production and oversees post-production. With a keen sense of understanding for what the industry wants he is a pivotal part of the creative process.


Executive Producer


Creative Strategist

Tammy is a creative and organized film production specialist with over 30 years experience in  a deadline driven, high-output environment. She has produced multiple feature films, managed several television stations, and created hundreds of government and local origination television programs. Tammy brings vast knowledge and expertise to B. Stellar Productions. Her talents range from TV Commercials and web content for high end clients, to strategic compliance for businesses to help meet health and safety protocols during COVID-19. Tammy, like Becky, has hundreds of industry networking connections to ensure you have the best team for the job.

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